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Finally sent these out! 😁

U.S.A - Maggie,Rachel,Amber
Qatar - Muneera
France - Justine
South Korea - Tia

Do keep a lookout for this brown envelope with the little red heart behind,in your mailboxes. They should arrive by the next 2 weeks,hopefully. 💜😊

And for my girls from Tumblr; Shannon,Claire and Debbie,thank you girls again so so much for the sweet letters,yes I’ve received them and I’ll be sending my replies,a.s.a.p! I’ll update you girls again,no worries. 🙌

For the rest of my girls; Abby,Han,Aubrey and Becca,your letters will be in the Tumblr batch as well so..hopefully I get ALL of your letters done by the end of this week.

I really do appreciate all these snail mail exchanges and new penpals! So thank you so much again,all of you. 😃💞

P.S. I did got a lot of response so if I initially agreed to send you a letter but never mentioned your name here,I apologize and do drop me a comment or message.


Francesco Tortorella

Hard to Handle



I’m back!
For the last 3 1/2 weeks I’ve been traveling around Europe with my good buddies Julian and Valentin.
We started in Hamburg, hitchhiking down to Pforzheim, then Munich, Salzburg, Budapest, the Plitvice National Park in Croatia, Zadar, Preko and Gratz.

Carrying a travel sketchbook with me I was drawing and writing as much as possible, trying to capture our adventures in little stories, sketches from life and memory as well as drawings from imagination.

I will post a bunch of drawings every day in non-chronoligical order, starting with these life-drawings I did in Plitvice. It’s an amazing national park in Croatia full of breathtakingly beautiful lakes, with christal clear turqouise water, small and large waterfalls and amazing plants, rocks, mountains and trees in all shapes and sizes.

Especially the trees impressed me. It’s amazing what twisted crazy shapes nature will assume, when it’s left alone to grow free and untouched for decades.


by Raman Djafari

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Personal work, 2014

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Four comics by Tom Kemp.

Made for Comics Workbook.



Artist: Jeriel Glenn Tejano

Work in Progress - 

Reference from the internet but can’t find the original source/uploader



Lala Albert

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Lauren Weinstein

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Gabrielle Bell

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Gemma Correll, on Tumblr


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